Yesterday's quake was registered almost 60 miles away from the two quakes that happened on the morning of December 9th in Robbinston, Maine.

A 2.8 magnitude earthquake happened at 1:37 p.m. this past Sunday in the small town of Centerville, which is north of Route 1 between Columbia Falls and Jonesboro.  The quake was 3.1 miles below the earth's surface.  Sunday's earthquake was the 1st to happen in Maine this year.  In 2020, Maine saw 9 earthquakes across the state.

A 2.8 earthquake is considered minor, and could have been felt by some who lives in the approximate area.

On December 9th of last year, a 3.0 magnitude earthquake was registered by the United State Geological Survey at 5:45 in the morning, centered at about 2.5 miles west, northwest of Robbinston, Maine, in Washington County. A smaller quake was felt and heard by many in the area about two hours later.

Amazingly enough, those two earthquakes spurned conspiracy theories by some across the internet that the sounds heard on December 9th in Robbinston was actually an attack on 50,000 Chinese troops that had covertly made their way onto the U.S. mainland.  The fictitious attack supposedly had killed them all.

Besides the two earthquakes in Robbinston this past December, we saw 7 others in Maine in 2020.  They were:

November 22nd - Jackman 2.3 magnitude

October 21st - West Paris - 1.8 magnitude

August 28th - Turner - 1.7 magnitude

July 29th - Bath - 2.2 magnitude

July 24th - Harrison - 2.1 magnitude

April 11th - Winterport - 2.1 magnitude

March 9th - Scarborough - 2.7 magnitude

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