Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

I don't necessarily put much stock in Valentine's Day as a "holiday." We've all heard the stories as we became adults, that Valentine's Day is basically a made-up day by greeting card companies to have an excuse to sell more cards, etc. And since then, it's seemingly put needless pressure on people to spend money on their sweethearts.

Let's be real.... They're revolting as candy goes. Near as I can tell, they're simply Tums with no medicine in them.

So, sometimes we have an opportunity to put a spin on all that and have a little fun with it. You could make fun of the day if you want. You could always ignore it, too. But I think putting a humorous spin on anything is always more fun than just being a stodgy, old curmudgeon about it. Case in point....  candy Valentine hearts.

They almost went away for a minute...

Previously, a lot of them were made by the same people who made Necco Wafers. They almost went out of business completely a few years ago, and the hearts almost went along with them. Luckily, someone came to the rescue and kept the old-school candies alive a bit longer.

But Let's be real... They're revolting as candy goes. Near as I can tell, they're simply Tums with no medicine in them. They have nearly the same taste, pretty much the exact same texture, and I don't think anybody actually likes them as candy. As a society, we buy them because it's tradition. But you're just as likely to find them in some abandoned drawer somewhere come July.

But, like I said, having fun with it is often more rewarding than being grumpy. So, I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of folks on Facebook to add their two cents as to what it might be like if there were Maine-themed sweethearts. I think they represent us Mainers quite nicely. So enjoy these sweet Maine hearts.


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