JStew & Cori here, throwing things back to the year 2000! We want to know: What was something that was normal in 2000 that would not be normal now? We'll go first: landlines. Remember those?
JStew: It's funny, I remember when cell phones weren't even really a thing. It was either something rich people had, or it was one of those old bag phones just for the car. My mom had one for emergencies back in the day. She got it after the ice storm in case she well, had an emergency. But I also remember when iPhones came out and scoffing at them. I literally remember saying, "Why would anyone want one? I've got my iPod in my bag with my laptop, and my phone in my pocket?" I think we know the rest of that story.
Cori: It's weird to think about this, because for me, I remember 2000 like it was yesterday--even though it was now 20 years ago! I remember looking things up in the phone book. I remember printing directions from MapQuest. Heck, I remember landlines, and that long twisted cord that I used to stretch from one end of the house to the other, when I was trying to talk on the phone outside of my mom's earshot. I also remember writing Thank You Cards for everything and send out birthday cards. (something my mom taught me to do). No one seems to do that any more. Now we seem to send a text or a quick email.
We asked you guys the same question, and you had some doozies for answers. Check them out!
Dennis Bean Well...for myself and many many others in the Fire Service...2000 is thought to be the end of what we would have considered " normal" as far as how things were seen and done in the profession. Whole new game changer after the yr..." 2000."
Greg Miller 2000 was about the last year for good (real) country music.
Holli Finkle “Welcome! You’ve Got Mail”
Shari Giffard Keefe Using a phone book and the yellow pages.
Lynda Roberts pay phones --- phone booth.
Nancy Neu VCR tapes
Megan Bridges How about actually talking on the phone?
Melanie Makin Only being able to use Facebook with a college e-mail address! Being able to board a plane without taking off your shoes. AOL instant messenger.
Betsy Goodwin Texting, wasnt that common if at all.
Jamie Martin Beepers
Amaryn Michael Sanford Dial up
Reagan Williams Manners, where did those go?
Kevin Forrest Palm Pilot
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Amanda E. Gleason Hey! I still have a landline. 😛
Russell Roy Blockbuster
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