A few weeks back, DJ Fred wrote an article that was an open letter to everyone that puts themselves on the line every day right now. From nurses to grocery clerks, and everyone in between, he made a heartfelt, real-deal thanks to our community that you can tell wasn't some sort of clickbait for hits on the website.

This pandemic affects us all in different ways, and sometimes it makes you feel helpless. We all wish we could do more, and help our family, friends, and neighbors. And that feels even harder when the only way we can really help them is to stay away from them. But I learned from DJ Fred's article that there is one thing we can all do.

Say thank you.

That simple. We can offer gratitude and appreciation for the people that make it possible for the rest of us to stay home. But also at some point, for some reason, everyone in your life, including yourself, will be on the receiving end of deep gratitude. Sometimes a hero is someone who takes two minutes to chat with a neighbor at the end of the driveway. Sometimes it's as simple as just saying thanks.

Here's a list of all the people who wanted to recognize the heroes of their communities. To look at it here all in one list is unbelievably humbling. We live in a great place where people really care about each other. Here... take a look for yourself....

Janice Pelletier The staff at Paradis Family Supermarket in Brewer, phenomenal people!! Thank you!!
Tanya Ronco Tracy Ronco Withee working pharmacy at Shaw’s Bangor, thank you also @ Emmc
April Carmichael Home health care people.
Niki Ball Environmental Services at EMMC!!
Amber Harvey The entire staff at the northern light walk in clinic located in Ellsworth!
Angela Davis Tim Moshier he works overnights at the Hannaford in Rockland as an essential worker making sure the trucks are unloaded and shelves are stocked.
Karen Morrill Durant All the employees at Milo Tradewinds
Eric Fogg I would like to say THANK YOU to my Employer, NS Giles foundation INC. They have gone above and beyond of what would be expected to keep all employee safe. Thank you
Marlene Martin Spencer I thank my daughter, Jessica and son in law, Mike. They both work in the medical field he is an EMT and she works with the Dietabites Center in Bangor
Linda Boisvert Provost Tyra Cunningham, Naomi Shortreed, working in housekeeping Cleaning the rooms in Maine General in Augusta and all healthcare workers.
Heidi Farquhar Penobscot Community Health care! We are committed to helping people and helping kick this virus!
Lori Littlefield Hill NL Work Health for staying open to keep people working!
Charles Chiwetelu Thank you to my here family! Most especially Mary K. Drew and Philip Drew who can't be as close with their grandchildren right now as they would want!
Anastasia Dayhoff-Osage All of our Dispatchers and Public Safety personnel!
Meg White My aunt Carol White at Hannaford 
Tammy Bennett DesJardin The bus drivers and staff of RSU 24.
Working each week and delivering food to the students twice a week!

Other Thank Yous: To the Ellsworth Postal Service Folks, to Paul Bussiere for making 3D printing "ear saver" bands for medical masks, to Dr. Hanks and the staff over at Kindred Spirits Animal Clinic for offering "curbside pick-up" of pet patients, to the folks at Bangor Floral for brightening the day for so many with random balloon deliveries, to Liz Leavitt and Barbara Falls for delivering groceries.
This was just today. Unbelievable. Cori and I are going to do this every Thursday on the Wicked Awesome Morning Show. It's the least we can do. And thanks again, so much, to all of you. We can't wait to see what next week brings.

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