This week, Thank You Thursday was a little quiet. On the other hand, it was high quality. Cori and myself got to thank some of our family members for all they do, we were very thankful for everyone on the front lines of course. And, were still even surprised that are still of plenty of folks that we hadn't even thought of yet.

I know Cori was extremely thankful for her dad helping her out with some much-needed renovations on her house, and I'm always amazed at how my mom does things to help other people during this time, in a safe and appropriate way. she delivers food to some older folks that can't get out at all, God love her.

My friend Alex not only took time out to make sure we're always thanking front line workers, he reminded us how important fuel delivery drivers are right now. A lot of folks turn down their heat during the day when no one's home, but with most of the family home right now for most folks, that's more fuel that needs to get out there. Thanks Alex!

Cori was also re-counting her own stories, and from friends, that are interacting with respiratory therapists, X-ray techs, and curbside runners. Local businesses of all types have been offering special discounts, if not free services, to front line workers as well. It's always so heart-warming to see the community take care of it's own.

We'll go at it again next week, and see what Thank You Thursday has in store. Until then... wash your hands, be kind to others, and keep your chin up!

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