The annual vintage car road rally will motor it's way through the pine tree state in June of next year.

One hundred and twenty teams consisting of drivers, their navigators, and supports teams will depart Buffalo, New York on June 23rd, all vying for over $150,000 in prize money.

This year, the well planned out race will feature vintage automobiles and trucks from way back when all dolled up and ready to make it all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia by July 1st.  According to the rules of the Great Race, the event is a "timed, controlled-speed, endurance rally", not a "top-speed" race.  "Each vehicle must follow a prescribed common route while attempting to maintain assigned average speed."

During each planned stop along the route, the cars and their teams will line-up for at least two hours, giving folks a chance to view the spectacle.  If you're a big fan of vintage cars and trucks this is for you!  Thousands of people are expected at each stop.

The racers will end up in Bangor on Wednesday, June 27th, and then arrive in Bar Harbor on Thursday, June 28th.  We'll let you know exactly when as the race gets closer!





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