The last few years, Bangor has made quite a few changes to it's trash and recycling programs. And they've always been pretty good about keeping up with the most cost effective, yet environmentally friendly ways of dealing with waste. For years, in addition to the bi-weekly collection, there were the old 'silver bullets' over by the airport.

That was always handy, because if your pile got too high, you didn't specifically have to wait til the next recycling day, and have giant piles building up in the garage. Or worse, your house. And most recently, they've been adopting the 'one bin, all in' system and having a third party sort the waste somewhere else.

Now the next phase is beginning. By the end of the month, the city will have a new kind of garbage truck on the road. It will have a robotic arm attached to it that will pick up a dedicated bin, and dump the trash into the truck. It will only require one operator, who can manage all aspects of the job.

According to WABI - TV5, the city says it will save lots of time and money, and ultimately be safer. There won't be someone dangling off the back of the truck, nor will that same person have to cross the road to get to pick up trash. Any general questions can likely be answered at

If you want to get rid of the nasty old bin you have now, you can leave it out and mark it 'trash', and the city will happily get rid of it. Just leave it out the week of June 15th - 22nd. They will also be bringing your shiny and new, yet soon-to-be-dirty bin to start using when the new trucks hit the road the week of June 29th.

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