Art obviously comes in many different forms. Photography, graphic design, visual art, sculpting, painting, music... Creativity knows no bounds for some. And that's the most beautiful part of being creative, breaking the rules in hopes that you'll do something fun, that will bring people great joy.

And sometimes, folks combine different mediums to increase all those positive aspects even more. Such is the case up in Lincoln right now. If you just happened to be in the neighborhood up there, you'd notice that just such a combination has appeared in the outdoor gazebo, in the form of a painted piano.

This is no ordinary painted piano. It sits in the gazebo, right near the loon that looks out over Mattanawcook Pond. Lincoln’s Event Coordinator, Kelly Ryder, along with some help from Shandra Haskell, painted the piano in the most vibrant colors, with a beautiful mountain scene. You can see all the photos here, on the town's Facebook page.

Town of Lincoln Facebook Page
Town of Lincoln Facebook Page

As beautiful as it is to look at, it may not sound quite as beautiful. Let's face it... It's sitting outdoors. The weather will play all kinds of fun tricks on it. But that's entirely the point of the project. It's just a fun, unique way to bring some joy to downtown. An out of tune piano will be just as fun in it's own way. Ryder said this to WABI - TV5:

This is just for fun. It’s. It’s not going to perform at Carnegie Hall or anything so, no worries about that. Just come, have fun, and I just hope people enjoy it.

If I recall, we had one of these in downtown Bangor for a while. I think it used to be across the street from Bagel Central down on Central Street. Off the top of my head, I'm not 100% sure it's still there. But if you're up Lincoln way, this might be a fun little pit stop in your travels.

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