Let's be real, New England is kind of the armpit of the nation's weather.

When I used to watch the weather forecast when I was a kid, I didn't really understand the jet stream. I thought it was wind, or like an air river that jets flew on, hahaha. When I got older and paid more attention to the shape, I began to realize that almost all nation's winds, good or bad, flow right over Maine half the time.

For instance, just a few years ago, Maine's skies were becoming hazy with smoke from the California wild fires, some 3000+ miles away. It was summertime, and our skies were hazy with the smoke. So it doesn't seem a big stretch that a crazy chemical spill that's less than 1000 miles away, could bring airborne toxic chemicals to Maine.

But, it looks like you can relax.

People on the r/Maine sub-Reddit were pretty concerned about this possibility. Many folks brought up the example I was just talking about with the wild fires. And to be fair, it seems like a legit concern. But it seems physics plays a role in our favor. I was reading an article from the Associated Press, and it would seem that chemicals in question are heavier than the air itself.

While that could still spell a disastrous situation in Ohio, those chemicals that may be still active, will be on the ground. The vapors that were burned off and released into the air, were a controlled burn done in conjunction with the EPA. The vapors will dissipate, well below any level of concern as far as air quality.

On the other hand, who really knows? I'm no conspiracy theorist whacko, but I certainly don't always believe everything the "government" tells me. The science points toward us being just fine, so let's just go with that.

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