You know, a year ago if we were bored, we'd all have just headed out for a night on the town, or for any imaginable kind of weekend getaway. Obviously, not so much these days. On the other hand, getting out of the house here and there has probably never been more crucial, for your mental health as much as anything.

But in winter, it can become a little harder to find things to do. But if you like to spend time outdoors, especially if your into cross country skiing, or snow shoeing, or even just good old fashioned walking, the Bangor Municipal Golf Course may be a solid solution for your wintertime trekking.

For a lot of folks, this is nothing new. Bangor Muni has been doing this for years. But this year it seems even more important somehow. Lord knows, with the pandemic, people are looking for places that aren't too crowded, yet aren't too far away. The local golf course offers a solution on both fronts.

Rob Jarvis, Head Professional at the Bangor Municipal Golf Course, said this to Fox ABC Maine recently:

There is nothing better for social distancing than cross country skiing, maybe golf, but both of them you can do right here. There are not that many areas around with trails, so that’s one of the reason that we’re so big on it is because people need that outlet, especially now. They need to get out, do something, move, and hopefully they enjoy cross country skiing.

If this works for you, you can use the trails anytime. And the best part of's free! So getting out of the house just got better. The perfect trifecta.... Exercise, locally, for free. I'm not sure you can beat that. See you on the trails....

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