I saw a meme online that got me wondering if this was actually trucker appreciation week. And technically, it's not. In reality, it's September 13 to 17. But right now, we have never depended on truck drivers more in this country. Almost everything shipped in this country is done by truck.

Right now, from what I've read anecdotally online, rest areas are slowly being shut down in some places. And with restaurants having to shutter up, or go takeout only, it's getting harder for a trucker to find a decent meal.

We need to keep them on the road, and to keep going. But how can we do anything? Most truckers run independently, so it's not like you can necessarily run out and get a care package to a long haul trucker.But there's plenty of drivers locally who could all use a bit more appreciation for what they do.

Thank your oil guy. Give him or her a card. Or a coffee card or something. Leave a nice note for the UPS driver. It's not always about a physical gift. Sometimes it's just about letting them know you see them, and you appreciate what they do. Lord knows right now, we're depending on people to bring us the things we need.

So while Trucker Appreciation Week is six months away, start thanking every truck driver you see. We need them, now more than ever. They're pretty much the backbone of this entire country, especially right now, and we should take a minute to think about that.

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