JStew & Cori here... We wanna know: What's something that everyone else thinks is "cool" but you find super annoying?!

JStew: For me, it's gotta be IPA's. If there is one thing on this planet I cannot stand, it's an IPA. Too much hops, never enough flavor, and always makes me feel like I'm drinking liquified carpet. Yes, I am a full-fledged stout, porter, brown ale kinda guy. I think the renaissance that IPA's are going through right now is just absurd. I can't wait til they go back to being the mom jeans of the beer world. Granted, mom jeans are popular again, but it won't last forever. And neither will the glut of IPA's. Hahahaha.

Cori: For me, it's gotta be Tik-Tok. Or SnapChat. Any of those apps that encourage people to do dumb things and catch for the sake of then recording it and putting it up online. I feel like they're way too addictive for their target demographic, and frankly keep them from actually living an authentic life. Everything is manufactured for a laugh--sometimes at the expense of others or at the cost of one's self-respect. I have no use for them. Those apps just make me sad.

Your answers were pretty diverse. Everybody definitely has something that fits the category, but the answers are all over the place, which is awesome...

 Kari Jo Davis Facebook is the proverbial laundromat, all of their dryers are broken so people just hang out their laundry for the whole world... where's your pride people? My God!

Nancy Gildred Chronic complainers who never take the time to look around themselves.

Bob Election signs up on the road after election day.

Steve Bad Advertisements
Wendy Clewley When someone you know is bragging about getting a hot tub to you & others & Im inside my head thinkin shut up @#$% Im doin all I can to get food on the table every week. Bragging about big purchase stuff lol!
Becky Sutherland People in general
Greg Miller & Shane Sawtelle The new "country" music. To me most anything sold as country in the last 10 years or so is just rap and hip hop where the singers are wearing flannel.
Mary Klein Drouin People who constantly post selfies on facebook. New music, new country music... nothing like classic rock. People who smoke in the drive thru....I could go on for days.
Cheryl McManus Oh where to start...... Christmas commercials/music before 12/1, NASCAR, the Tiger King, people buying vowels on Wheel of Fortune. Just to name a few.
Bradley Kennedy Morning Talk radio where the hosts just laugh obnoxiously at themselves. (Bradley obviously hates our show...Hahahaha)
Morgan Cushing Rap music. I just wanna listen to classic rock.
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