Naming pets can be maddening, but satisfying.

Years ago, I had a girlfriend I lived with at the time, and we adopted a couple cats over our time together. The first one we named Minerva, after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. She was a ridiculously smart kitty. Played fetch, chased laser pointers, etc... And we also had a cat that we just couldn't come to an agreement on his name.

He was a Maine Coon Cat. She wanted to name him Tony. I wanted to name him Stinky. So we went full mobster on him and named him Stinky Tony Esposito. We figured he looked tough, and he was a street cat, so it seemed fitting in its own way. Ironically, when that girl and I broke up and moved to Chicago, Stinky Tony ran away. I always knew he liked me best...

This cat from Gardiner takes the cake on names though.

Nationwide Insurance is holding a contest for the cat with the wackiest name. Kelli Hoover of Gardiner liked the name Pickles. She saw it in an ad and liked it. But felt it didn't totally stand up on its own. She also noticed her cat liked to attack muffins, so she felt that also needed to be represented, according to WABI.

So now, her cat's full name is Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer. First of all, I'm a little jealous that I can't have that name for myself. Not for a pet, I just really would like to use it professionally. It's absolutely unforgettable. Right now Pickles, for short, is ranked at #26 out of 50 on the list. But we can help Pickles seal the deal.

Votes can be cast until this Saturday, April 9th. Then on April 11th, the winner will be announced. I think we should push Pickles over the edge and make this kitty famous. Follow this link right here, and you can cast your vote. I just did. A name like Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer should not lose such a prestigious battle for honor. Just sayin'...


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