We wanted to give you a heads up about the Third Annual I-95 CaPella-Thon happening later this month!  Yeah, we'll play any song on the planet for a donation!  Although, try to make it a good one. Please!

Camp CaPella is the summer camp on Phillips Lake in Dedham that hosts kids with mental and physical disabilities.  It's a place that they can go for a week and feel good about themselves, a place filled with others just like them!

These kids wait for summer all year long just to go to Camp CaPella, and when late June rolls around, the excitement level is off the charts!

Camp CaPella won't turn anyone away, but it does cost $ for these kids to attend, and that's where supporters of the Camp and our fabulous I-95 listeners come in.  Every year we end up sending a couple of kids to Camp via the CaPella-Thon, and this year  we're shooting for three!

Our goal on Friday, June 23rd, is to collect $4500 from our listeners.  We can do it!

Get ready to call 991-9713 between 6AM and 6PM and request a song.  We'll play it for a donation of $10 or more!

Paul, Amanda, DJ Fred and Dorian will all be on board waiting for your call!  We'll also have staff, friends and some of the kids who attend Camp CaPella here in the studio with us.


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