It's a good thing Bangor has wicked good water...

In the last year, it seems Bangor has constantly had something going on with its water. Remember last fall it started with upgrading its ozone sanitizing system. People were warned that during the process, the water may be a little cloudy or off-color, but that it was 100% safe to drink. Hard to wrap your brain around, but it was all good.

Then that process took a bit longer than they intended, so the funky H2O stuck around for a little while longer. Again, during the entire process, it was still delicious to drink and was not causing anyone a bit of harm. Eventually the ozone thingamabob got installed and all was right with the world again.

Until this week, where the funk may return.

Believe it or not, according to the Bangor Water District, the city has over 200 miles of water mains throughout its borders. And every other year, they need to flush them to keep things running smoothly. And it also helps monitor quality and flow rate, which is especially important to the city's fire hydrants.

According to their Facebook page, if they are flushing mains in your neighborhood, the water color could change a bit, but that it's still absolutely safe to drink. If you notice this discoloration, all you have to do is flush your own pipes for about 20 minutes, and everything should run clear after that.

Sure, it's always a little weird the first time you turn on the faucet and see anything besides clear running water, but hey, the city's gotta do what the city's gotta do. But at least it's not permanent. Or even semi-permanent like last time. It'll probably take a bit to get through all of it, but at least now you know why you might have some funky water.


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