I'm not sure where the real adults in Maine live, but apparently there aren't a lot of them in Levant or Waterville. You may remember just last week, I put an article up about how the Levant Corner Store was the victim of a squat and go, resulting in some nasty brownage on the side of their shed.

Turns out they figured out who did it, but didn't want to tarnish the reputation of another local business in the process... very respectful. No need to make them pay for the actions of a dumb employee. No one should ever have to clean up anyone else's mess. Especially one of such a nasty nature.

But not to be outdone by Levant, two businesses in Waterville (how ironic) are having a water problem of their own. There's a small alley between the Cancun Restaurant, and a local State Farm Insurance office. At night, this alley on Silver Street has become quite the destination for people needing to let some water out of the kettle, according to WGME - TV13.

The problem is, despite pleas to the city council, not much can be done about it since the alley is on private property. To make things more complicated, ownership of the alley is split between the two businesses. The insurance office wants to close the alley, the restaurant does not. Hence, people can flow freely through that area, so to speak.

The owner of the insurance agency has placed a camera in the alley, hoping to catch the nasty drips in action. And, the police could become involved at that point, because that would a case of urinating in public, which is illegal. That could certainly lead to a cascade of trouble for someone simply needing 30 seconds of relief.

The real takeaway here, is like I said in the Levant case, it's better to just keep it in your pants until you get home. I get it, as men, we've been trained our whole lives to remember that we can go just about anywhere, but it doesn't mean you should. The world is not your toilet. Act like it is.....and urine some serious trouble!

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