After hearing the story about the FedEx driver who shoveled JStew's Mom's yard, we were wondering how you show someone your appreciation when they do a good deed for you, or anyone else for that matter...

JStew: Well, for one thing, I'm thankful that I have the medium that I do if I needed to give someone a major shoutout... like the FedEx guy. But also, I'm a firm believer in just waiting for the opportunity to do something nice for that person in return. could be coffee, could be a free lunch. It could just be hug... during non-COVID times. But most importantly, I take a moment to express my own gratitude that someone would take time out of their world to do me a favor. When I do things for other people, I try to be as stealthy about it as possible. I don't enjoy a lot of credit or recognition. I do those things just to make me feel good, when I can.

Cori: I'm a huge fan of Thank You notes. I'm also someone who will "say it when I think it" if I see someone doing a really great job, or doing something I really appreciate. I think, often, we wait to long to tell folks that we're grateful for what they do. You know how good it feels to have someone appreciate the hard work you put towards the things you do, so imagine if you helped spread some of those good simply thanking people when you recognize that effort. My kids leave me little drawings and hand written notes. Friends will often send something yummy to show their thanks. There are so many ways to send along thoughts of gratitude.

Showing thanks can come in all sorts of forms, so let's check out a few.

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Coffee. Everyone loves it and it makes you feel good to give and receive
Debra Dudley Bake or make them something homemade...loaf of banana bread....whatever
Brian Bent Eye contact & a big smile. Half of that has gone away for the moment.
Daniel Bean I appreciate our trash guys... I leave notes and encouraging words on our trash cans to help lift them up. The job they do is nothing I would want to do, and they are out there in rain, snow, hot, cold every day serving us. Riding around on the back of the truck in freezing temps ain't my cup of tea!!! At christmas I put D&D gift cards out for them. I did have one of them thank me one day in tears saying..." You have no idea what this means to me" I was having a rough day 'til I stopped and got your trash... it totaly turned my day around. Thank you trash people!!! Thank you!!
So really, no matter what you choose to do, the simple recognition of someone's efforts can go a long way to making their day, and in turn likely cause a ripple of positivity to make it's way out into the world.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. And thanks for continuing to listen. :)
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