The last couple weeks for the fun of it, we've been posting what appear to be really weird images at first. But they're just everyday things that Cori and I have lying around our home studios. So far we had Cori's Tums container, and a lid from a travel mug. Today, we were wondering if you could tell what this was:

J Stew

To be fair, a bunch of you got it right away. But Cori and I had to keep our poker faces on until the end, and not give it away. I thought it would be tougher, but the Bangor area has TONS of musicians and audiophiles, so the answer was pretty obvious to them. It was just a plain old microphone cable.

Mike Jacobs and Nate Soule, nailed it right out of the gate. Eric Fogg, Bryce Bailey, Liz Stanley Hersey and Brent West got a lot closer. They thought maybe it was either a coaxial cable or an RCA cable. And then things got a little farther away, but humorous in their own way considering the context.

Kris Woodward thought maybe it was a dryer vent. Max Heinz wondered "Is this the thin red line that David Lee Roth warned he was stepping over?" Maybe Max! Don Holbrook thought it might an outside water faucet. Wendi B. Knowles it might be a spark plug. That actually seems legit to me. Liz Davids Mullis had a great guess too, with a Thermos.

We've had some fun with this the last couple weeks. So we'll see what totally bizarro image we come up with. Chances are if it comes out of my studio, it'll be covered in sawdust from my drum tracking sessions. And if comes from Cori's studio, it'll be covered in Triscuit dust because, well, Triscuits.

Stay Awesome Bangor.... and beyond.