It's birthing season for gray seals here in Maine, and authorities are asking that you to back off!

It happens every year between December and February, gray seals give birth on islands from New Jersey to Maine. Check out this webcam on Seal Island here in Maine to watch all the action for yourself.

A cute little pup with a white, fluffy coat will sometimes be found be found sitting by  itself on a Maine shore, and Federal authorities are asking that folks to keep away from them, no matter how tempting it is to pet the little bugger.

They ask that people and their dogs stay at least 150 feet away, because seals can easily become "disturbed."  They also say that the public should never feed seals that look like they're "stranded" on the shore.

if you truly believe that a seal is injured, then contact the Marine Mammals Of Maine organization at 1-800-532-9551.



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