JStew & Cori want to know: What's something that always makes you late? Are you someone who is perpetually late? What is it that causes this? Do you have tricks to help you curb this behavior?
JStew: Actually, I'm the worst kind of late person there is... I'm always worried about showing up late to things, and then I also worry about being too early or looking too eager. So I will often show up to a place five or ten minutes early, and then sit in the parking lot til I'm two minutes late. It's a tangled web I weave. But if there were one thing always makes me late, it's because I get caught up watching drum videos on Instagram. Every Damn. Time.
Cori: I try. I really do. I do everything from get ready the night before, to adjust the clocks in my house to ready 5-7 minutes fast, in an attempt to trick myself into leaving on time. But I have children...and they have NO sense of time. Despite the reminders and the threats, even the bribes! We always end up arrive between 5 and 10 minutes late to everything. Someone either has to pee before we leave, after they've already strapped into the car seat, or I've forgotten a key item because I'm trying to herd the cats (kids) into the car. My departures and returns have become so amusing to my neighbors that some actually come out to their landings and watch as my children run in every direction but the one I need them to go in.
So what makes YOU late? Check out these answers from listeners. It's all over the map, hahaha....
Rob Irwin I have always tried to be early, as opposed to last minute or even late... So if I am late it is pretty rare.
Mary Klein Drouin I'm always last minute. I find that if you get ready the night before it helps, I get my morning clothes laid out, coffee pot and travel mug ready, shower the night before, etc.
Christina Berube My dog needs cuddles before I leave.
Cheryl McManus I am always 15 minutes early, but will sit and read and then end up late.
Heather MacDonald Traaaaaaiiiinnnnn!!! ‍♀️
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Margaret Siemerling My children make me late!
Scott Bakal I am last minute on appointments. I calculate time to the minute.
Kari Jo Davis Im annoyingly punctual. If im late, something most likely, is wrong.
Kristi Dinsmore Staying in the car to finish a song.
Sunshine My dog, who knows when I have to go somewhere and won't come back inside, or my husband, who says he only takes 5 minutes to get ready but really takes 40.
Sue Simard-Poliquin My puppies
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Holli Finkle I will not be late. Come hell or high water.
Doug Springer My wife.
Richard I'd rather be a half hour early than 5 minutes late.
KStew (JStew's Wife) I'm late because I'm usually grabbing extra coats and shoes to be prepared.
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