CORI: Each Wednesday, we put a picture up on Facebook. It's a picture of something that's in either the on-air studio or the home studio that we work in.

And each week we ask you to give us your best guess as to what it could be. And for as long as we've been doing this, there's usually one or two of you who manage to guess it right off--except this week. For the first time in What's This Wednesday history, we had you stumped!

J STEW: This week was no joke! I thought I had it pegged. I see Cori eating toast in the morning sometimes, and naturally like most folks, I assumed it was a small plate. But she told me I was wrong. So then to make matters worse, she still wouldn't tell me! So I was literally playing along all morning with our listeners as well.

When it turned out to be this handy little device, I realized I never would've gotten it in a million years. Or even a million guesses. But, oh well. As usual it was fun hearing what listeners thought it was. Can't wait to see what crazy thing we show you next Wednesday. Until then, go outside and enjoy this beautiful day, wouldja?!

What's This Weds 5-27 Clue

The guesses totally made sense, don't get us wrong. It did look like a dinner plate...and that would be something either of us could conceivably have.

Tim Bouchard Edge of a dinner plate.

Karen Botta Plate edge

Mike Walters A dinner plate

Kim Poors A dinner plate

Sarah King A corelle/corningware plate

And even the next few guesses made sense:

Sue Simard-Poliquin Computer mouse

Mary Ross Bottom of an ac?

Barb-Tom Nadeau Electrical cord

Stephanie Gray Curtain

Marcia Mc A compact case/mirror

Mary Klein Drouin Dog bed

Lindsey Adams The edge on the top of a folding chair

But then, things got weird...Remember, it's something we'd have in the studio...

Shari Giffard Keefe God it looks like the edge of a toilet 

Amber Harvey Toilet seat

Mary Klein Drouin An old fashioned bed pan

As convenient a thing to have in the studio, a bed pan is pushing the envelope of lazy, even for us!

But our personal favorite of the morning...

Michelle Lawson A butter dish?

Yup. Just sitting in the studio, spooning butter into our mouths. Nothing to see here.

It was, in fact, actually this:

What's This Weds 5-27 Answer

A little Shower Bug battery operated radio that Cori uses in her home studio to monitor what's going out over the airwaves as we broadcast. Not butter. But also not as delicious as butter (at least we imagine not as delicious, as neither of us has tried to eat it.)



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