I feel like this is one of those things you shouldn't have to tell somebody. On the other hand, I can also see the excitement in getting vaccinated against the greatest public health threat in our lifetime, certainly in the last hundred years. So really, what's the big deal then? Why all the hub-bub about posting photos?

Well, simple really. Internet scammers/thieves. According to WABI - TV5, the Better Business Bureau is warning folks against putting their vax cards up on social media. Not just because your card is loaded with all sorts of personal information. Although, it does have your name, social, and date of birth on it. Which is extremely useful to internet bad guys.

They also can potentially use an image of your card to create fake vaccination cards. This has already been happening across the pond of in Great Britain. Authorities believe it's only a matter of time before the problem reaches this side of the Atlantic. There's all sorts of problem that could be had. Some are happening here already.

There's already been stories of scammers getting older folks on the phone, and convincing them they can reserve a spot by paying X-amount of dollars. Really, as long as there's an opportunity to relive someone of their money during a crisis, internet thieves will exploit it to their fullest extent.

Hence, why the BBB is asking folks to consider not posting their vax card photos. For a change, it's not just your private info they're after. But, when you consider the widespread damage it could cause on a larger scale, it might be worth not posting a pic. Brag all you want. Scream it from the mountain tops. Just maybe put the camera down.

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