To this day, I've never owned a car with heated seats. Definitely always wanted them, based on my experiences in other cars, but never landed that fish when searching for a new car. But who doesn't love that feeling when it's bitter cold, and the seat beneath you starts to warm your entire body... It's quite decadent.

But some folks from Portland are hoping that a warm backside may make all the difference when it comes to some outdoor dining/drinking  situations. Jocelyn Olsen and Colin Greig have invented a heated cushion to tuck under your tuckus, and help keep you warm while enjoying some outside activities.

With the cold months settling back in, a lot of restaurants and bars are either slashing their numbers because of the amount of people allowed indoors, or they all stand outside freezing. Sometimes that's festive, but a warmer solution might be nicer than pretending how much you love freezing outside.

Olsen and Grieg's new cushion is called the Huga. They run about $125 a piece. But some businesses are looking at the cost comparison between these cushions, and the outdoor propane heaters, that can cost hundreds of dollars each. And honestly, unless your lucky enough to be right under one, you're still gonna be pretty chilly.

But these battery powered cushions heat up in seconds, and last for hours. And really, these aren't just for commercial use according to the BDN. Folks may also like these for home use. Lord knows we've all been doing a lot of driveway visits, or campfire visits. A heated seat may be just the ticket to extend those visits.

You can check them out for yourself right here at their website. Really, anything that could help keep Maine businesses going strong in some way this winter would be awesome. Lord knows the whole industry is hanging on by a thread, so let's hope this helps a bit. My backside feels warmer just thinking about it.

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