Sometimes, in the middle of a world where everything's canceled, or you just can't stand the way people talk to each other online anymore, or you've just got an all-around case of the grumps, a true hero of our day comes along and just simply makes that world a better place. Over the weekend, 2020 finally saw this hero.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen the return of Windsurfing Santa.

That's right, after eight long years, Windsurfing Santa has returned to make us believe something pointlessly awesome still exists in the world that hasn't been corrupted by social media or dumb stupid politics, or even coronavirus. In fact, when you learn why there's been an eight-year break, you'll appreciate this hero even more.

Charlie Sargent had been doing this for well over a dozen years, but got sidelined back in 2012 by a motorcycle accident, and had to give up windsurfing. But here we are all these later, and Charlie, errr... I mean Santa, is back and ready to just spread some good, old-fashioned cheer and goodwill towards men.

Windsurfing Santa had this to say to News Center Maine:

To make something different, you need something in life that is just happy news, something that is different that people have done before that they are going to do again, that is good news. I do it because people out there gotta have something happy to see, instead of all the stuff that isn't happy.

See what I mean? True frikkin' hero material right there. We're living in a time that doesn't really always have a lot of good to offer the world, so the fact that he does this literally, just to make people happy is practically worth a sainthood these days. So we should all be giving Charlie a round of applause.

Over the next couple weeks while the weather is warm, you may see Charlie out there doing his thing... just making smiles. If you see him, definitely clap, cheer, whoop, holler, and otherwise celebrate how awesome this is, and that you're getting to see it. Speaking of which, watch Santa navigate a near windless river. Oh well, maybe next weekend?

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