Yesterday was National Puppy Day, and Cori & I thought we'd share pictures of our special furry friends, and wanted to see all of yours too!

JStew: That's my special boy as the cover star.....I'm probably the newest dog owner on the whole list. KStew & I got Neko back at the end of January, and our life has been ten times more awesome ever since! Even growing up, we never had a dog. We were more of a cat family. At that stage of my life, I couldn't have possibly participated in caring for a dog. I still barely can, but luckily, I make up for experience with absolutely spoiling my pupper whenever possible. Whether it's treats, or long walks, or lots and lots of pats... We have a lot of fun, and I'm so happy he's here with us.

Cori: You can check out our handsome gentleman, Harley, he's the first pup in the gallery below. I've grown up with dogs and cats, but for the last 2 or 3 decades, most of the the dogs have been Boston Terriers. We dog-sat for one when I was a kid, and it was so great with all the kids around, that my family actually adopted one from an elderly neighbor, and we just got hooked on the breed. So after my other Boston, Remmy, passed away a few years ago, we adopted Harley from the Waterville Humane Society. His addition to the family was seamless, and his presence here is such a positive one. He plays with the kids, but also protects them. I can't even tickle one of them without him trying to get in the middle of it, and shoo me away. He attacks the vacuum and the swing outside. He hates light-saber toys and helium balloons. He's a character, for sure! But we love the dickens right out of him!

You all have some of the cutest dogs, doing the cutest doggie things. Let's look at these awesome photos, and just skip work the rest of the day to pet them and play with them!

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