So the bad news is, yes, you could see your stupid electric bill go up about $3.15 a month. The good news-ish, is that your bill will still be a bit lower than it was this time a year ago. But how long will it take for our bill to go back up to what it was? I know, I'm three sentences in, and I'm already in cranky curmudgeon mode. Ha!

You may remember a few weeks back, Emera Maine changed their name to Versant, after ENMAX, out of Alberta, purchased Emera Inc., the parent company of Emera Maine as a part of a billion dollar-plus deal. None of this has anything to do with the rate hike that's coming up, though.

Some customers will see an even bigger increase, as much as $8 a month. For some folks, that could be along the lines of a 10% increase, though, Versant wasn't quick to calculate the increase in a flat percentage, according to the BDN.

I know my own bill hovers in the $80-$100 a month range. So, there's your 10%. For others it could easily be less, for some, maybe a bit more depending on the type of account you have. Be it residential or commercial.

There are so many folks that are still unemployed, and of all things, don't need to see their bills going up right now. But I also understand we're about to head into summer, which puts a pretty big demand on the power supply. However, the company has committed to not raise rates again until 2021, according to a press release.

Sure, it's not necessarily what I would describe as a run-screaming-into-the-night price hike, but it still feels like being kicked when you're down. I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been employed through this whole ordeal, but I feel for folks who are having a hard time right now. But, stay positive, and keep looking forward. We're all in it together.


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