Time and again, Haddock has searched for the perfect home.

It’s hard to believe such a cute black and white pittie mix would struggle to find a forever home within his first year of life! But sadly for Haddock, he was in and out of homes and missed an opportunity to get the obedience training he needed, so he’s something of a naughty puppy stuck in a big dog body.

Despite this rough start, we know he’s a clever boy with a huge heart, and he’s extremely loyal and protective of his humans. There’s nothing wrong with Haddock, he just needs guidance. In the right hands, he’s going to be an amazing dog and truly someone’s best friend.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the area, the SPCA of Hancock County is currently closed to the public.  But, the animals are still available for adoption.  The best thing to do at this point is monitor their WEBSITE, for both animals that are available for adoption, further contact information, and how you can donate to support the SPCA of Hancock County.

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption. It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. Donations are always accepted. They will take your returnable bottles as a donation, so please drop them off!

Email them at info@spcahancockcounty.org

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