We've all known it's coming. And it's been a good run for some folks. Say what you will about a lot of things, the state gave all of us some pretty broad leeway about vehicle violations the last several months. Especially with things like registrations and inspections. I saw tags that expired in February, just this morning.

Earlier today, the Skowhegan Police Dept. put out a reminder on Facebook that time was running out on this little luxury in that town. In fact, they even attached some photos from folks who got a bit creative with their fake license plates, while waiting for real ones. Scope those here.

If, like Skowhegan, your town office is open, it's time to get your car registered. You have until July 11.

If not, you have until 30 days after the expiration of the governor's civil emergency declaration. Mills on July 8 renewed the declaration for another 30 days.

Since mid-March, I don't think people ever thought about their tags or their stickers again. In fact, I became so oblivious to it, I had to double check my own cars as I started writing this because I was having a total brain-fart trying to do it from memory. Turns out, we're all good. My wife is amazingly on top of those things. I am not.

It's getting easier to get it done now that some town offices are starting to open back up. I won't lie, I kinda like the new setup I've heard about with making appointments ahead of time.

But whatever the deal is, you probably should have been calling to set up appointments forever ago, but might as well get on the stick now. Trust me... I'm definitely the pot calling the kettle black. Like I said before, without my wife, I'd probably just be a feral human living in the woods.

So good luck out there. You're number may be up, or you may slide through this with a small miracle here and there. Regardless, your luck is running out. Just think of it as pre-paying a ticket. Pay now, or pay later. But that always ends up meaning you pay twice. No one likes paying twice.

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