A couple years back, word started to get around that the company that produced Necco Wafers, was going out of business. The New England Confectionery Company (where the wafers get their name, it's an anagram), despite being the oldest confectioner in U.S., was on the way out, and taking the tasty wafers with them.

But back in July of 2018, we all started to hear of their sad end. But it didn't stop there. It also threatened to end the conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. You know, the little candy hearts that said things like 'be mine' or whatnot. So naturally, people started to freak out a little bit.

What would Valentine's Day be without the hearts?! Boring! That's what. Eventually, that settled itself out a bit when Spangler Candy took over the hearts. And now, they've also announced that Necoo wafers will finally be coming back to store shelves. We should start seeing the first run in June, and then a more widespread roll out in July.

Spangler has kept the original recipe almost exactly the same. Which they should. But let's be real... Necco Wafers are more like the Moxie of the candy world. We all have extreme nostalgia where they're concerned, but they're also kinda gross. Amiright? They're kind of like sweet Tums.

Yet, if I pop open a roll, I will eat the whole damn thing every time. Except for the yellow ones. Those are trash. They taste like lemony-banana chalk. Necco wafers give me the feeling that I imagine smokers get. You stare at the pack, and question every decision you've ever made, and then pop one in your mouth anyway.

But, deep down, we're excited the treats are under new management. It'll feel like summer in Maine again. In a time where we could all use a little good news, and another reason to stuff candy in our faces, Necco Wafers will be welcomed back with open arms..... and mouths.

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