For me, it's birds. I can't stop watching them out my patio door. I have feeders everywhere so I watch them all. Especially the hummingbirds, even though they're kinda jerks. But just the same, they're all like my little feathered friends that come to visit. Even if they're only there for a free meal.

But for Jay Jenkins in Bangor, he's all about the squirrels. So much so, that he started building them the coolest little picnic tables, so that he could put nuts out for them. He recently spoke to WABI - TV5...

I love squirrels! I had a squirrel that used to come visit me, and I’d feed him peanuts out of my hand, and he’d sit in my lap. They’re cleaner than the birds. Used to be hosing off my deck all the time because of the birds. I don’t have to do that now with the squirrels, and the squirrels are here, so the birds stay away.

If you want to see him build these cool little tables, here's a video from his YouTube page showing them off.

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