Just look at that face! Such a big, sweet grin to match this big, sweet boy. Sampson, the Hancock County SPCA's "Pet of the Week" is a larger lad, weighing in at 90 pounds.  We're betting this 4-year-old, black and white Alaskan Malamute, will never need a doggie sweater during our cold Maine winters. In fact, it's said that he really loves to snuggle his humans, so you may not need a sweater, either!

Sampson is friendly and affectionate and loves going on adventures. Whether it be walks, car rides, or any other active activity, he just enjoys being around people. We're told he also does really well on a leash and is even crate trained!

He does like to make his presence known by marking, and may do best in a home where he can be top dog (although they think he might wain from the marking and warm to other pooches once he's neutered next week.) He prefers the company of people to cats, so he'll be keen to be the one and only hound in your home.

And while he may look like a tough and rugged dog, when it comes to going to the vet and being around needles, he's actually a big scaredy cat. (We're not judging though...needles are scary!) So you will likely have to muzzle him for his appointments.

The folks at the SPCA describe this large lover as having a "great spunk for life!" And with those big brown eyes and playful spirit, this darling dog is just waiting to bring some of that spunk into your life.

If you want to meet Sampson, you can contact the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or emailing them at info@spcahancockcounty.org.

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