Things are wet out there.

As Mother Nature begins to warm the area, Acadia National Park officials are asking everyone to please protect what are the best and most extensive of broken-stone roads in America.

The popular carriage roads, they wind their way through some of the most beautiful spots in Maine, and at this point of the year just like any other dirt or gravel road, they become very wet and very soft. Normal use of the carriage roads include foot traffic, bicycling and horses, all of which sink into the mud and cause extensive ruts and water damage.

In an effort to prevent damage, Acadia National Park authorities are closing the entire 45 mile network of carriage roads until further notice, just as they do at this point every year.

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“We’re asking all visitors to help protect the historic carriage road system and prevent costly repairs by cooperating with this temporary closure,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider.

Acadia National Park officials remind us that the popular Park Loop Road remains closed to motorized vehicles until April 15th, but that hikers and bikers can still use it. But, be on the lookout for Park vehicles and possible icy road conditions.

We've also recently informed you of three hiking trails that are now closed as Peregrine Falcons mate and make their nests.  Those trails are the Jordan Cliffs Trail, Precipice Trail, and a portion of the Orange & Black Path. Officials and bird lovers everywhere ask that you stay clear of these areas as the falcons may abandoned their young when frightened.


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