I wish I could get my own pictures of the chipmunks in my yard, but the only time they're close enough for me to get a photo of, they're encroaching on a part of my house I don't want them to be near. It's such a catch-22. they're cute as heck, but also destructive little jerks that have their own special place in purgatory.

I can't speak for everyone's neck of the woods, but it seems like this year I'm spending more time than I ever have, chasing chipmunks off the deck, or off my bird feeders. I even saw on trying to climb onto the hummingbird feeder. I've hit at least one with my car, possibly a second this morning on my way to work. They're everywhere.

There's holes in the lawn, nests in the rock wall around the fire pit, and the constant barrage of chippie sounds coming from various parts of the yard. I'm waiting for a full-on turf war to start in my back yard. I've started worrying about leaving the screen door open behind me for more than a second, for fear of a chipmunk getting in my house.

If you're wondering why it seems like chippies are everywhere right now, similar to the last couple years with squirrels, the answer is pretty simple. According to WGME - TV13, more acorns, equal more babies. Last fall was a bumper crop for acorns, enough that there were still tons on the ground through the winter and spring.

And put simply, fat chipmunks are looking to burn off a few of those calories by making more chipmunks. But, have no fear, this happens all the time with chipmunks, squirrels, mice, etc. Weather conditions are right for an abundance of food, and boom! But, small rodent populations go up and down all the time.

So have no fear, the little chippies of the world aren't here to inconvenience us for very long. For now, try to enjoy their cuteness, and try not to think about how they're basically destroying a different part of your lawn. And keep the screen door closed!

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