Back in October, the National Park Service proposed increasing the entrance fees for Acadia National Park's peak season dramatically. Over 109,000 people have sent their concerns to the NPS, and the overwhelming majority of those folks opposed the drastic fee increase.

Under last year's proposal, the entrance fee would increase to $70 per private, non commercial vehicle.  That fee is currently $25. The fee would be $50 per motorcycle, currently $20. The fee for people on bike or foot would be $30, currently $12. These are for seven-day periods. A annual pass would be available for $75, currently $50.

Officials said that this would generate an extra $70 million per year that would be used to improve America's national parks.

According to an article in the Washington Post, The Interior Department recently said that a price increase is "almost certain", but that it is "reconsidering" such a dramatic increase for fear that visitation would drop. According to the article, NPS officials wouldn't disclose the increases that they're considering, but that those increases would be more "modest" than what was announced last year.

Changes to fees charged to tour buses are also being considered.  A tour bus that carries passengers into Acadia National Park is charged a flat-fee, and officials are thinking of charging those bus companies per-passenger.






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