It's been almost 6 months since Dave's Romantic Supermart, which had served the greater Bangor area for over 4 decades, closed up shop for good. When it did, it left a hole in the market for those who wanted to add a little spice to their love life. They now had nowhere in town to go to get their romantic outfits, toys, and supplies (outside of teen novelty stores in the probably know the one I thinking of.)

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

While many customers likely joined the legions of folks across the world and took their shopping online, there are still those who prefer to make their purchases in person.

And there's a new business that's about to open up in Bangor, that might be right up their alley.

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While it's in a different section of town, and offers a different array of products, the Adam & Eve Store is coming to Broadway in Bangor, hopes to fill the gap left by the closure of stores like Dave's.

According to a recent article published by the Bangor Daily News, the franchise co-owner is a man named Kraig McGee, and his hope is to encourage people to have a healthier sex life.

make love.
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"He and family members own 22 other stores that are scattered around the nation, though most are in Idaho, where they are based...The store’s opening gives Bangor-area people a place to shop for a variety of adult products, which range from lubricants and massage oils to devices. McGee’s business caters to women and couples, and patrons will not find products that are overly explicit or sexual, he said."

A check of their website (and you must be of age to even look) and their mission seems simple enough; they want to make your sex life happier and healthier.

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And they do so, they say, by taking the shopping experience out of the dimly lit corners and back rooms of stores, and making it a much more forward experience.

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"This starts by creating a safe and comfortable shopping atmosphere. Our stores offer an upscale, boutique-like experience, featuring stylish designs in prominent parts of town. Adam & Eve Stores are brightly lit with large windows and colorful displays, creating an inviting place you can browse comfortably, whether you’re shopping by yourself or with someone else."

Sexy lingerie. Female wardrobe. Bras and panties.

You won't find the videos or magazines or some of the edgier things you may have seen at Dave's Romantic Supermart at this new store. But you will find things like lingerie, sex toys, lubricants, and oils.


The store, which is going to be located at 657 Broadway, in the old Amato's Pizza building (insert your own spice joke here) is set to open by the end of October, according to the BDN.

Perhaps some of the outfits purchased here, will end up here?

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