I'd probably stop short of calling myself a full-on bird watcher, but I reeeally enjoy watching little winged creatures flutter about. I've got a couple different feeders that I watch. Especially my hummingbird feeder. I'll often get myself set up on the deck to watch them for hours at a time.

Yesterday, my day started off with a visit from some pigeons at the studio window. I'm assuming they thought they could fly in through the semi-open window. They ended up grabbing onto the screen for a minute and flapping their wings and making pigeon sounds at me before flying away. It's was weird, but kinda funny.

But later, when I got home, I was headed back out into the garage to get a box out of the back of my car, which required opening the garage door. I saw this big clump of moss laying in the driveway, and was gearing up to give it a big boot across the lawn, when I saw something moving.

At first, I thought it was a mouse nest or something, but as I looked closer, I saw two little baby birds lying on the ground. They were making these little, barely audible peeps. The nest must've fallen off the side of the garage, and I saw no mama bird looking around for her chicks. So I was not remotely sure what to do.

I immediately put a post up on the Maine Wildlife Facebook page looking for some advice. while I was waiting, I covered them with a box so the rain would stop getting on them. Quickly, I realized that calling Avian Haven down in Freedom, was the right thing to do. They walked me through the right way to get them bundled up to bring to them.

The extremely helpful woman on the phone was worried that there was no effective way to re-nest them safely, so my wife and I hopped in the car and zipped down to Freedom. We were greeted at the door, and they were psyched that I'd kept the birds so warm, because they obviously got very wet and cold from lying on the ground for a while.

It's funny, in that very short time, I became quite attached to those little birdies, they were Eastern Phoebes by the way. But they couldn't have been more than a couple days old. They were very bald, and their little eyes weren't even open yet. But at that moment, I would've done just about anything to help them out.

Later on, I will check in with Avian Haven to see how my little buddies made out. I'm crossing my fingers, but they seemed so fragile. But all life is. Everything has it's weak spot. And boy.....those little buggers found my weak spot yesterday. I'll keep you posted how they turn out. But check out the photos......

Phoebes Fallen From The Nest

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