It's no surprise Massachusetts tends to have a snobby reputation, but that's in part due to all the exceptional higher education institutions concentrated in the state, especially in the Boston area.

If you'd rather refer to Bay Staters as "confident" rather than "snobby", that's ok.

As they say, "knowledge is power", so gaining knowledge is definitely a form of being self-entitled.  That's ok, too, for most of Massachusetts.

Snobs are typically "wealthy, live in big homes, attend theaters, shop at organic markets, and send their kids to private schools", according to, which also included states with the most number of college graduates.

Do I need to mention Harvard University and M.I.T.?

If you pretend to be an elitist, act pretentious, and live in New England, you have some ground to stand on.   All six of the New England states ranked inside the top 25 snobbiest states in America.

So we know Massachusetts was #1, with an average salary around $135,000 annually, and the average home costs about $589,000, but a firm #2 overall was Connecticut.  Connecticut boasts an average annual salary about $130,000, but average home prices were much lower at near $382,000.

The other New England states ranked as follows for being snobby.

Maine ranked #12 snobbiest, while Rhode Island came in at #14.  New Hampshire is #19, and Vermont is #25.

It's not just wealth that makes you a snob.  In Massachusetts, according to the survey, it's education.  Book smart people are know-it-alls, and don't hesitate to tell you how much they know.  So, while Connecticut has plenty of wealthy people too, Massachusetts has more book smart people, so therefore rank higher.

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