Who's the very pretty girl in the new Diet Dr. Pepper "One Of A Kind" TV commercials?  She's Michelle Phan, make up artist extraordinaire!

Born in Boston, Michelle Phan, 26, couldn't even wear make up until her senior year in high school when her mama finally said yes.  At that point, her interest in make up increased significantly. Michelle started a blog in which she instructed on the creative use of make up and young girls took notice began to request advice!

The  blog turned into tutorial  videos which were soon posted on You Tube and Michelle Phan's popularity increased dramatically!  Her narration style is infectious and the special effects included in her videos are noteworthy.  When she instructed how to obtain Lady Gaga's look in a couple the artists videos she gain over one million subscribers to her You Tube channel.

Robin Marchant - Getty Image
Robin Marchant - Getty Image

Now, Michelle has her own L'Oreal make up line and as you can see has ventured into television advertising!  Her "One Of A Kind" Diet Dr. Pepper commercial emphasizes that each and every young girl on the planet is one of a kind, to be themselves and nobody else, to be strong willed and to go through life with confidence!

Recently, Phan has joined in the fight against child sex trafficking by participating in a very emotional video with a powerful message.  That video is below.  This self made woman is truly one of a kind!

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