Sorry PETA.

Feathers were ruffled when PETA released an undercover video allegedly filmed at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster Processing Plant. You were either outraged at the video or got very hungry.

As promised, PETA filed complaint with Rockland Police and District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau. PETA claimed the plant was processing lobsters and crabs illegally by ripping them apart while they're still alive.

Rushlau announced that there will be no charges filed as Maine animal cruelty laws never were intended to cover invertebrate species. He said in a statement:

'Because it is far from clear that the Legislature intended to include lobsters and crabs within this definition, and the opposite intention is more likely, I conclude that the conduct you describe in the materials submitted is not prosecutable under Maine’s cruelty to Animals statute. I will not ask the Rockland Police Department to conduct any additional investigation, nor file a complaint based on your investigation.'

Shortly after the announcement, PETA issued their statement thanking Rushlau’s review:

'PETA appreciates District Attorney Rushlau’s thoughtful review of the evidence that the law covers sentient animals, which would include live, fully conscious lobsters and crabs who are ripped apart at Linda Bean’s factory, but we disagree with his decision not to prosecute because the tortured animals happen to be invertebrates.'