The potential transmission of coronavirus has caused just about every imaginable situation that involves a face to face interaction, to be re-thought and modified in some way. While sadly, some businesses have had to shut down, others have sought to find new ways to server their communities.

Recently, restaurants were the champions of offering some form of curbside service to reach their customers, but other businesses have also started to realize they can also offer to do business outside the store. Hardware stores, auto parts stores, you name it, have all been adapting to running items out to cars.

The Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic in Orrington has also joined the masses by going curbside. You can just call ahead, discuss symptoms, and if need be, bring your pet in. When you arrive, they will come right out to your car and come get your pet. And you can wait right outside until they're all done, according to WFVX - TV22.

They definitely want you to call ahead, if your pet has something wrong. But if it's something that can wait for now, it's best to stay home. But the fact that these folks are doing this is awesome. At least you know you can still keep the pets healthy. Lord knows, we all need them for a little extra comfort right now.

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