It's actually, finally happening. After four years of messy red tape bull crap, adults over 21 in Maine will be able to purchase recreational cannabis. Mainers rejoiced back in 2016 when we joined a growing number of states who thought it was just plain silly that alcohol is legal and cannabis isn't.

According to WABI - TV5,  the state Office of Marijuana Policy will begin issuing licenses to retail cannabis operations in September. And by October, you will finally be able to go into a store and purchase their finest cannabis products. Flowers, edibles, concentrates... all things that were only previously available to medical patients.

Who knows what incentives will be out there for folks to keep their medical cards. And for that matter, it'll be interesting to see just what kind of revenue it brings into the state. We don't have a population the size of Colorado or Massachusetts, but we do have a lot of adults that have been waiting four years to buy it. It may be like a dam bursting.

But lets look at all the other businesses that could benefit. Snack chip sales are likely to explode. Furniture stores will see a surge in folks wanting more comfortable recliners. Five Guys will probably have to add another register to handle the tidal wave of customers. Netflix subscriptions for Mainers will be at an all-time high.

But for real, in a world where folks want more decisions to be theirs, Maine finally came through. It took years longer than most states to roll out because of everyone trying to have their opinion heard, but it's actually happening. If it's not your thing, no problem. If it is, your time has finally arrived.

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