Needless to say Maine has one of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country and yet repeat offenders are on the roads killing people every year. So if fines and jail time won't stop them, can technology? Some of our politicians think so.

A recent article in the Portland Press Herald give what you think would be some sobering statistics. Namely our tough OUI laws :

  • A blood-alcohol limit to 0.08 percent
  • a first conviction brings a five-month license suspension and a $500 fine, plus steep attorney’s fees.
  • And that our courts are allowed to consider all prior felony OUIs when deciding penalties.
  •  A third conviction automatically being a  felony.

And yet, there are still 16,000 Maine drivers on the roads with more than four convictions. They don’t care if you take their license or give them jail time or fines.

As Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says in the article, it is a chemical dependency issue.

So here is your question: Would you support having anyone who is convicted of even one OUI being required to install an ignition interlocking system into their car so they can’t drive drunk?

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