We should start by saying that no animals were injured in either of these situations, that we know of. They were probably pretty freaked out, but aside from that, they were fully intact and functioning at the conclusion of both of these encounters.

That being said, we got on the topic of encounters with wildlife this morning, after Cori shared her story of coming across a porcupine climbing up a tree in her front yard yesterday afternoon. (For the rundown on that story, click here.)

It got us thinking about a couple of other encounters we've had with animals in the past years. We actually had video of two of the situations, and figured we'd share those with you today and the stories of how they unfolded!

CORI: So about 3 years ago, something amazing happened. My little brother Pat, who is notorious for skipping over birthdays and holidays (when it comes to gift giving.) He's just not a fan...well, Pat sent the kids a clear, plastic window mounted bird feeder. We put it up and immediately started to have fun watching all of the birds stop and visit.

Cori Skall


First came the Chickadees...

Then the Cardinals arrived...

Cori Skall

We had all sorts of birds stop by, big and little...it was awesome!

And then the squirrels got wind that there was food to be had, and started to get inventive. No matter where I moved these feeders to, they always found a way to get to them. With equal parts annoyance and admiration, we watched as they kept finding ways to get the goods. But I had one last secret weapon up my sleeve...a toddler that would do my bidding. You'll see what happened in this video.

J STEW: My little critter encounter happened on my way to work last fall. I was driving along, and thought I saw movement on the hood of my car, near the windshield. Being fall, I didn't think much of it because leaves blow across the hood all the time. But then I really did see real mopvement.

It came in the form of a little mouse crawling out from under the hood and holding onto the windshield wiper for deal life, since I was going 40mph, and it was raining. Ha! SO I pulled over, and he tried to crawl away, but got stopped at the edge of the hood. So it crawled up the antenna, which wasn't going to help it at all.

Eventually, I just kinda flicked him off the antenna. I really wish I'd gotten video of it's attempts to climb the antenna. Watching him slide back down, in circles like it was on a mini-stripper pole was hilarious. Nonetheless... here he/she is.