The abandoned rock walls and foundations of Maine all have history to them. History of towns that have been flooded away, plagued, or just walked away from. Here are 5 of Maine's Ghost Towns.

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Remember some of these places my be private property or dangerous. Trespassing is not encouraged. If you do visit any of these ghost towns remember to leave things as you found them and to be respectful.

The good news is some of these places are open to the public and ready for you to explore! Either way, here are 5 towns in Maine that have disappeared.

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    Perkins Township

    This ghost town was settled in the 1700's and became a ship building and ice harvesting hot spot. After the depression and a pollution increase caused significant population loss, the town was unorganized and left empty in the 1940s.

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    Askwith 'Tarratine'

    This town once had a post office and an active railroad. Now the railroad has been converted to ATV trails and little remains of the town. Originally called Askwith the town has been renamed Tarratine leading to some confusion on the history and when exactly the town was abandoned. It is known as of 1895 there was no longer a post office there.

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    What began as a tannery town became a booming hub for families and business. In 1906 the tannery burned down and the post office was closed. Some mystery is involved in the exact circumstances under which the towns people left. Some say plague, some say lack of resources, whatever the reason, the town was empty by 1910.

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    While most ghost towns in Maine only have foundations and walls remaining to see, Flagstaff only has roofs and chimneys! In the 1800's the town flourished, but in the mid 1900's Flagstaff became the target for a flood zone. CMP had decided to build a dam on the Dead River and the town had to go. The grounds of the town were cleared by burns, some structures were moved from their current property and the rest is now underwater. Some people still see the remnants of the town under the water of what is now Flagstaff Lake.

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    Newhall- Oriental Powder Mills

    The first gun powder mill in Maine and the largest was here at one time, and gone the next. A series of explosions and bad luck led to the demise of this town in the 1950's. Today the site has informational displays and hiking trails as well as some ghost stories!