Let's begin by saying I hate politics on nearly every level. Doesn't matter to me what your affiliation is, if you start talking about straight up political bull crap, my eyes will glaze over, and I will disappear into a fantasy land that doesn't include your political opinion. Or perhaps even your voice.

So as far as who's going to vote for who, I've made up my mind, and you've made up yours. All good, right? Well, sort of.... this whole business with delays at the post office is a bit out of control. And the effects that it's having on every day folks is becoming maddening. But now, animals are actually dying because of it.

Is it because they can't get their pet meds? Nope. that could potentially be solved at the local level. The new problem right now, is that poultry farmers are having trouble getting their chicks delivered in the mail. Not just because the mails is late, but the baby chicks are dying in transit.

Is anyone ok with this?!?!

According to the BDN, Rep. Chellie Pingree has been getting tons of complaints from constituents who raise chickens. Chicks are showing up dead in the mail because of the extended, and very avoidable, delays caused by all the political grandstanding. And that's big bucks after a while.

I've seen in other places on social media, that there are unconfirmed reports of as many as 5000 chicks have been delivered dead to farmers, at a cost of around $32 each. That's not small change. So now all this hoo-ha has not only caused Maine farmers to lose money, it's absolute animal abuse.

So again, I don't care who you vote for, ever. But this has got to stop. I love most animals more than people. Maine farmers, or farmers anywhere for that matter, shouldn't have to deal with this. Hopefully it can all get straightened out soon.

Until then, I still don't want to hear a word about politics. That's one thing I wish could just disappear in the mail, is all political discussion. Since that not possible, you can count on me mailing myself out of reality if you start ranting. And hopefully I get lost forever, hahaha.

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