If there was one complaint I had about living in southern Maine, it's that you had to drive several minutes out of town to find anywhere remotely acceptable to take a nice walk. Granted, you could go to the gorgeous spots right next to the ocean, but for the most part, you had to get outta dodge.

When we moved to Bangor back in 2013, one thing we noticed immediately, were all the different places we could go to enjoy as little outdoor time. Besides the City Forest, there were walking trails all over. Even within a mile of our old house. Now that we live out in the woods in Hampden, we just go out back.

But, sometimes you just wanna go someplace different. And since we've exhausted a lot of the local trails, I was thrilled to read this week that the city is opening up a new multi-use trail in Bangor, meaning it's for bikes and pedestrians. It will begin near the edge of the Eastern Maine Community College campus, and go over to Stillwater Ave.

According to WFVX - TV22, the Bangor Land Trust is behind the project, with some financial assistance from the Maine Dept. of Transportation. And will provide a half mile of new space for cyclists, walkers, and runners. Tracy Willette, director of Parks & Recreation said this to Fox News Bangor:

It ultimately connects Cascade Park, through Saxl Park, Dorothea Dix campus, through Eastern Maine Community College, to Sylvan Road, and ultimately Stillwater Avenue and ultimately get to Essex Woods,” said Tracy Willette, director of Parks & Recreation.

Now, you have a great excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some nature right in the middle of Bangor. That can't be a bad thing at all. I can't wait to get out and check it out myself. It'll be a nice little jaunt, I think. Maybe I'll see out there sometime soon.

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