I feel like personally, I've lost count of how many times I've sat down at this computer in the last year, and started a blog with the opening line, "well, looks like corinavirus has stolen another awesome tradition...". But for a change, that's not true. At least, not 100% true, according to WABI - TV5.

For the last 65+ years, children from all over the world have been calling the North American Aerospace Defense, aka NORAD, to find out Santa's progress on Christmas Eve. I have to boyishly, sheepishly admit, when I was a kid, I called the NORAD tracker. When you're a kid, you need to know where Santa is at any given moment.

The behind-the-scenes part of this program no one really knows about, is that it takes a mammoth effort of military members and volunteers to answer all those calls from children. Typically around 1500 are needed to get the job done.

But this year, obviously because of the virus, shoving hundreds of volunteers into a room to answer telephones for 20+ hours straight, isn't the best plan. But... everyone involved knows what's on the line here, and that tracking Santa is a tradition that can't just disappear. Kids all over the world want to know where the jolly fat man is.

So, there will be much fewer people receiving calls, which of course will lead to a lot of people getting an updated recorded message of Santa's progress. but that shouldn't discourage kids from trying to get through. I dare say, it could almost make the experience more memorable. Imagine how lucky you'd feel to finally get through.

So like most things in 2020, it won't be exactly the same, but at least it's not outright canceled. Kids will still be able to at least get updates, and keep up with his path. And, you can also track Santa's progress online at NORAD's website. Then you can get the real time path!

Really though, I imagine we're all wishing for the same thing for Christmas this year.... For this virus to be over, and be able to hug our moms, and go out to eat, and see a big rock show. And just live.....

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