As we roll into the weekend, where most of us pursue our most personal interests, we wanted to know if you have a habit or hobby that your significant other finds super annoying....

JStew: Surprisingly, the amount of drumming I do in the house has never really bothered my wife. Granted, these days most of it is done while she's at work. But during quarantine... if it was ever going to bug the crap out of her, that was definitely the time. But, if I had to isolate one thing I know she kind of gets annoyed with, it's my amazing whistling skills. For real, I can whistle like a bad MF'r. But, it often either plants songs in her head she doesn't want, or my "interpretation" of the melody of any given song drives her crazy. Either way.... I'm going with the whistling. Otherwise, I'm perfect. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Cori: Since I don't have a significant other to annoy with hobbies at the moment, I will simply guess. I think I could classify one of my side-hustles as a hobby. When I'm not on the air, sometimes I can be found behind the booth DJing weddings. And when I work on playlists at home, I like to make sure the flow of each song into the next works just right. So I listen to the last 15 seconds of one song and how it transitions into the fist 15 seconds of the next. I do this a lot....I mean a lot! And I have been told that this can get annoying...mostly because people prefer to listen to the entire song, and I always cut it off. This is also how I used to listen to CD's, when those were a thing. I'd listen to the first little bit of a song to see if it caught my attention, and then I'd jump down to the next track.

Your answers were pretty awesome too, and we're glad to know that marriage is a partnership for everyone. Even if we all get on each other's nerves.

Dennis Bean Dennis just put a giant emoji that would've blown out the whole page, but it's of a smiley face covering it's mouth and shaking its head. Hahahaha.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Does napping count as a hobby ?
Cheryl McManus He hates hearing the sewing machine run when I’m making quilts.
Greg Miller No s/o here so maybe it's just everything I do that drives them away?
Scott Hanscom Simply breathing...or always asking her a question when she's in the middle of a sentence.
Bud Hinckley My ex-wife said she could't stand that I'd go fishin' all the time. I'd tell her that I went fishin all the time because I couldn't stand her, so we were even. Not a surprise that she's my ex now, is it?
John Madson My lady doesn't like that I work on cars because I get greasy and then get things I touch in the house greasy.
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