JStew & Cori here.... Yesterday was officially the first day of winter, and we began to wonder what you hate about it the most. Slippery roads? Cold weather? Short days?Let's find out!


JStew: I think the thing I dislike the most is just the unpredictability. In the summer time, unless you're dependent on an activity being held outdoors in the sunshine, most things can be converted to indoors. But winter time has this amazing ability to just ruin everything. Oh, you had plane tickets for a trip? Well, let's just go ahead and cancel that because of snow. Oh, you had tickets to a big rock show in Portland? Nevermind! Mother Nature decided you needed to stay home and watch more Schitt's Creek re-runs on Netflix. That's what I hate about winter.

Cori: The thing I hate about winter is being cold and wet. I don't mind the snow, if I'm dressed for it. But the minute my mittens get wet, and that cold starts to seep in, I'm over it. Driving in blizzard conditions is a close second. The anxiety driving a huge vehicle in wintry conditions when you can't see anything is just overwhelming. But if I can stay home, dry and warm--I don't mind winter.

A lot of you felt like most do. Cold weather, short days, and bad roads. But let's check it all out here:

Cheryl McManus Cleaning the car off and dealing with punks on the roads in Daddy’s 4x4.
Rob Irwin For me, the worst part is shoveling all the wet, heavy snow.... Sad fact, no place to keep a snow blower.
Megan Bridges In a regular year, when the few fun events you're looking forward to are cancelled due to bad weather or sickness. Stomach bug. Icy conditions keeping you from being able to walk/exercise outside. I actually like shoveling though.
Lisa Mishou @ Megan Bridges weird, but I kinda like shoveling...when I want, not when I HAVE to 
Shari Giffard Keefe Ice!!!
David Taylor Worst part of winter: Winter
Dano Ober Everything
Wendy Clewley The worst part ever is when the power goes out during a storm & I freeze to death,Not fortunate enough to have a generator.
Betsy Goodwin The air hurts my face.
David Baker Snow days..... said no one ever!
Wendy Pelletier I can handle the snow..ice..cold temps..but absolutely HATE it being
dark out by 4.
Bob Hatch All of it.
Kevin Mooney The length
Sunshine The worst part of winter is all the dirt and grime that the wet roads throw up on to my car and on my windshield
Brian Bent I’m the weird guy who loves winter .
Angela Faulkner Duff It's dark at 4 pm
Laurel Tara Doughty SNOW
Nobelee Belanger I speak for the homeless. The worst part is not having a place to escape the elements and get warm and dry.
Mike Stow Laying in the snow when I'm repossessing a vehicle
Kari Jo Davis The month of February to be quite Frank, it can fall off the calendar... lol 
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