The last several weeks have had local businesses having to re-think the entire way they operate. One of the biggest changes we've all seen is how many restaurants have either started offering delivery for the first time ever, or even offering pickup right at the curb.

But from what I saw from a post on the Downtown Bangor website, there are a lot more businesses than just restaurants that are trying to get in on the curbside pickup game. I saw over a dozen Bangor shops that are making a go of it. These places are asking people to purchase and pay online or by phone. And many offer the option to pick it up.

Places like The Briar Patch, or Print Bangor, are letting folks place their orders, and choose how you'd like to get it. The point being, businesses trying to stay open through this crisis are getting creative about how they can serve you best. And why not? As long as they aren't posing risk to folks, let them do their thing.

Hopefully, this will help mitigate some of the drop off in business for these folks, and they can once again thrive when this is all over. So scope the list, and see if there's anything you can get locally before searching too far outside your zipcode online. Your local businesses will thank you for it.

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